İpekoğlu Ambalaj Kaymaz Kaydırmaz Kağıt Ürün Örnekleri

İpekoğlu Printed-Unprinted Anti-Slip Tray Paper

Anti-slip tray paper; It is a protection product produced with special materials, which is generally used by airlines, railways, and marine companies. Anti-slip papers placed on the tray; It is the most precise and practical way to prevent the products from slipping, spilling, and breaking.

Our company has been producing printed non-slip tray/serving paper with the highest quality materials since 2014. Our products are exported to many countries, as well as meeting the intense demand in the domestic market.

Our products, which are manufactured with the latest technology machines and high-level hygiene measures in our factory in Istanbul, are shaped according to the demands of our customers. Non-slip tray papers, prepared in the type, weight, and design according to the needs of our customers, can be produced in printed-unprinted form up to 7 colors.

No matter how much attention is paid to the health and hygiene of the product, especially in the food sector, if the appropriate packaging is not used, this effort will be of no importance.

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Product Features:
  • Dyes, polyamide-based or nitrocellulose-based inks, pigments and resins used in printing jobs on food and pharmaceutical contact packaging comply with FDA food regulations.
  • Lacquers consist of vinyl chloride, maleic acid and derivatives copolymers or thermopolymers and are on the FDA’s list of polymers that can be in contact with food.
  • Our products are produced in hygienic environments using the highest quality materials.
Product Benefits:
  • Ensures that the products remain stable on the tray.
  • Significantly reduces the costs of your company by preventing the products from spilling and breaking.
  • Protects the image of your company by preventing accidents that may occur during service.