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Thanks to our highly qualified and expert employees, we provide high quality services and ensure that your projects continue smoothly.

Our company produces roto gravure (flexible packaging) products for food, pharmaceutical and other industries. İpekoğlu Ambalaj is operating in Istanbul since 2000.

İpekoğlu Ambalaj produces all kinds of paper for airlines, railways, marine and industrial companies. With the investments made in it, we also produce printed, non-printed non-slip paper up to 7 colours in the desired dimensions and weight.

Paints, polyamide-based or nitrocellulose-based inks, pigments and resins used in printing works, on packaging that are in contact with food and pharmaceuticals that are in compliance with FDA’s food regulation. Lacquers Vinyl Chloride formation consists of copolymers or thermopolymers of Maleic Acid and derivatives that are included on the list of polymers which may be in contact with food according to the FDA’s list. No matter how much attention given to the hygiene of the product, especially in the food sector, if the appropriate packaging is not used, this effort will be of no importance.





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History of progressive thought

2000. Establishment

Our company was established in 2000 in Istanbul and entered the sector with the rotogravure (flexible packing) products it produces.

2002. First 1M Sales

Our company quickly became well known in the packaging industry and managed to receive 1 million orders only two years after its establishment.

2008. Stepping into the Asian Market

Once ipekoğlu Ambalaj meet the needs of production in Turkey, our company has entered into the Asian market.

2009. New Product

Our company added a new product to its portfolio in 2014. With the investments to new machinery we started to produce printed and unprinted non-slip tray / service paper for air, sea and railway companies.

2012. Russian Market

There is a high demand from abroad for our quality and economical products. Therefore, İpekoğlu Ambalaj increased its export capacity in 2015 and entered the Russian market.

2017. Export Countries

Our company, which has reached a point that directs the sector with its experienced and reliable structure, now actively exports to 14 countries.

2020. Renewal

Renewing its website and digital face, our company continues to grow with the sensitivity and excitement as it is the first day, by refreshing its innovative perspective.


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