Our Priorities

Customer Satisfaction

Caring about customer satisfaction is our basic principle.

Work Safety

We show the utmost sensitivity to ensure the safety of our employees.

High Technology

Our productions are made by superior machines at the latest technology.

Why İpekoğlu

As İpekoğlu Ambalaj, our priority is; quality, hygiene and work safety. Our products, which are produced according to the needs with the latest technology machines, are presented to our customers with superior quality and affordable prices.

Flexible Solutions

Our products are produced in the desired dimensions, weight and design to fully meet the needs of our customers.

High Performance

Our products, produced in our state-of-the-art machines and in hygienic environments, have superior quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Our reliability in the industry stems from our experience and our understanding of service focused on customer satisfaction.

Work Safety

We show great sensitivity to ensure the safety of our employees, who contribute to every product we produce.

Our Goal

As İpekoğlu Ambalaj, our biggest goal is to leave a livable world to the next generations by using the resources that nature offers us with great precision.

Suitable for Recycling

We produce all our products in a way that is suitable for recycling.

Clean Environment

We work non-stop to prevent the depletion of our natural resources and to minimize the amount of waste garbage.

Respect for Nature

Change starts with the individual, we produce recycling boxes for all our employees and ensure that household wastes are separated.

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İpekoğlu packaging

Innovation to meet the needs of tomorrow.

We are constantly working so that people can learn about and interact with our products.

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2019 in numbers

A new story begins with a new vision for the future, expertise across the entire industry cycle, an environmentalist approach, and the ambition to give full value to energy.

  • 51M Sales
  • 7% Growth
  • 2.416 Happy Customer
  • 99.569 Saplings
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